Award Criteria

The National Environmental Leadership Award in Asthma Management celebrates high performing, comprehensive asthma management programs. Applicants are required to demonstrate excellence in the following three areas:

Area 1: Comprehensive Asthma Management Program
Area 2: Getting Results โ€“ Evaluating the Program
Area 3: Sustaining the Program

Determine if your program is eligibile for the award or select from the links below for complete details about award criteria, including instructions for responding to criteria requirements and information about application scoring:

-Health Plans

-Health Care Providers

-Communities in Action

The key to winning the National Environmental Leadership Award in Asthma Management is to demonstrate that your comprehensive asthma management program:

  • Embodies the System for Delivering High-Quality Asthma Care โ€“ including the key drivers of program effectiveness โ€“ as described in the Change Package;
  • Promotes the integration of NIH EPR-3 Guidelines throughout the continuum of care;
  • Includes a robust environmental component; and
  • Achieves positive health and financial outcomes.

Questions about the application process? Review application FAQs or send an email to

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