Community Health Worker Training Programs

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Community Health Workers (CHWs) serve as the bridge between patients and the health care system: They are trusted community members who advocate, facilitate and organize access to health and social services.

This tool was designed to help you find existing training and certification options for CHWs in your community and nationally.


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-, Boston, MA -
The Asthma Regional Council of New England offers a “Core Competency Course for Community Health Workers,” a 48-hour course on fundamental CHW skills such as communication, assessment, cultural responsiveness, documentation, organization and advocacy. The training and professional development center strives to enhance the capacity of CHWs to provide outreach and health education in the diverse communities of Boston.
One Ashburton Place, Boston, MA 02108
State Certification Board
Board of Certification of Community Health Workers (CHWs) was established within the Massachusetts Department of Health and Human Services to help integrate CHWs into the health care and public health systems. The Board establishes standards for education, training, programs and certification renewal.
1010 Massachusetts Ave, Boston, MA 02118
Hospital-based Training Program
The Boston Public Health Commission–Community Health Education Center provides standardized training for CHWs and has cultivated a network of more than 1,600 members. Its programs teach techniques for conducting outreach and education with various cultural groups as well as methods for expanding health knowledge on a range of topics. Programs are jointly designed by CHWs and experts in various health fields.
35 Harvard Street, Worcester, MA 01609
CHW Association, Other
The Outreach Worker Training Institute (OWTI) of the Central Massachusetts Area Health Education Center, Inc. (CM AHEC) is a career-focused, college supported educational pipeline for public health professionals known as Community Health Workers (CHWs) as well as the supervisors of CHWs in health and social services. The OWTI addresses the community’s need for CHWs’ professional preparedness by offering certificate courses tailored to public health workers who are CHWs employed in health and social service agencies. Visit our website and find out more about our free online CHW training certificates.
1436 W. Randolph St. 4th Floor, Chicago, IL 60607
CHW Association
Chicago CHW Local Network was created by a group of health educators and their organizations in 2003, and is committed to a society in which all residents, regardless of socioeconomic status, have access to reliable health care services and the information necessary to live healthy lives. The Network provides legislative information, webinar and conference information, as well as other resources.